Collaborative Pathways with Full Radius Dance

Full Radius Dance extends an invitation to the leaders and decision-makers of Metro Atlanta to engage in a venture where artistry meets inclusivity. Our mission is to redefine the boundaries of dance by bringing together disabled and non-disabled dancers through performance, education, and advocacy. Your involvement can amplify this message and foster a culturally rich and inclusive community.

Contracted Performances:

Hire Full Radius Dance for a live performance that challenges conventional dance narratives. From galas to schools to conferences, our performances are an incredible experience for audiences locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.  We have performed at venues ranging from rustic villas in Italy to the paths of the Atlanta Beltline, redefining the audience’s understanding of dance and physicality.


Master Classes:

Dance has historically assumed a set of norms, paradigms, and aesthetics applicable only to people without disabilities. Full Radius Dance has created a methodology of rigorous dance training that serves both disabled and non-disabled dancers. We offer masterclasses to studio owners, colleges/universities, and individual dancers, training them on our one-of-a-kind technique and partnering.

In the foreground, Douglas (an older white man with closely cropped grey beard, brown hair, and glasses) sits on the floor with both arms raised above his head. He is wearing a red-sleeved, white bodied tee with the Full Radius Dance logo. Behing him, dancers of various embodiments, disabled and non-disabled, also have their arms raised.

Accessibility Consultations:

Full Radius Dance can work with your organization to provide essential training and/or offer support to make your venue or program accessible to all. In the past, we have consulted with local theaters, ensuring their premises and programs are accessible, assuring a welcoming experience for both audiences and performers.

Collaborative Partnerships:

Engage with Full Radius Dance in a variety of collaborative efforts. We're open to panels, talks, pop-up performances and more. Our "The Art of Disability" initiative at the High Museum demonstrated how we could intertwine dance with disability-centered art discussions. By partnering with us, you're not just hosting a performance or a talk, but facilitating a deeper dialogue on accessibility and inclusivity.

Dancer laying on her back lifts up another dancer in a wheel chair while spectators watch

About Full Radius Dance

Since 1990, under the direction of Douglas Scott, Full Radius Dance has been expanding the art of dance, shattering normative perspectives. When you engage with us, you join a longstanding narrative of inclusivity and innovation, contributing to a community-wide shift in perception and artistic expression.

Let’s Explore How We Can Collaborate:

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