Community Classes


Full Radius Dance offers 1½ hour to 3-hour dance classes that touch on the basics of physically integrated technique, including:

  • Warm-up

  • Center floor & traveling exercises

  • Choreography

  • Physically Integrated Partnering

These classes are perfect for youths to seniors and all levels of ability, from creative movers to professional dancers. Masterclasses can be offered for single or multiple sessions. Our dance classes/workshops are perfect for anyone! We’ve worked with ages pre-K to seniors. You’re never too old to dance, as our oldest student was 90 years old!

Douglas Scott and Full Radius Dance have extensive experience teaching many people with and without disability (visually impaired, hearing impaired, amputees, individuals with cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury, etc.).

Children’s Classes

For children and teenagers with and without disabilities, the discipline and techniques taught in our dance classes help the participants develop increased spatial awareness, balance, directionality, ability to follow instructions, and socialization skills. These vital skills, which can be difficult to acquire in many environments, are easy and enjoyable when learned through dance.

Adult Classes

For adults, classes focus on the art and technique of modern dance. An emphasis is placed on the transposition of each exercise for the individual’s ability and authentic embodiment while maintaining the integrity of the movement. Among the many benefits are an increased understanding of each individual's movement potential and personal creativity. Each class provides an excellent mind-body workout for all levels of physical ability.

Performance workshops (ranging up to 14 days) involve taking a group of participants through the process of creating, rehearsing, and performing an original work which may then be performed for an audience. These workshops can be presented independently or in conjunction with master classes.