For a limited time, The City of Atlanta's Mayors Office of Cultural Affairs will match your gift to Full Radius Dance on a one-to-one basis, instantly doubling your dollars for dance! Your donation must be made through the Power2Give portal:

As you are well aware, times have changed. While our campaign was initially launched in support of the 2020 Modern Atlanta Dance (MAD) Festival that Full Radius Dance produces each season, we now need your gift to support operating expenses, such as dancer pay. Due to the Covid-19 virus, we've cancelled performances and, as a result, have lost the income associated with these. We'd greatly appreciate your support.

Remember, your gift must be made through the Power2Give portal at Donations made outside of this Power2Give portal are not eligible for matching funding.

Your gift goes a long way in supporting Full Radius Dance, disability awareness and the physically-integrated dance art form! We appreciate each and every donation.