Our Kindergarten through High School Assembly Programs are on hold until September 2024 due to our busy performance schedule. If you are interested in a program in September 2024 or later please reach out to us to have your name added to the announcement list. 

School Assembly Programs

For Grades K - 5: Together

Full Radius Dance brings together its company of dancers with and without disabilities to embody Helen Keller’s quote “Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much.” Through the art form of physically integrated dance, the company emphasizes community, body diversity, and teamwork in a fun and interactive performance. A resource guide is available for deeper learning.  

Performances can include a short question and answer session with the artists.

Assembly programs are designed to fit in a 50 minute period and can be staged in a variety of settings, including most school gyms and multipurpose rooms.

For Middle & High Schools: A New Spin on Dance

A lecture‐demonstration featuring dance works interwoven with a brief introduction to the art form of physically integrated (dancers with and without disabilities) modern dance. A New Spin on Dance highlights the company's commitment to redefining the boundaries of dance and promoting a core value of body positivity.

Programs may be presented for full-school assemblies or customized for specific classes.

Classes, workshops, and residencies - ranging from one period to one week- are also available and suitable for a variety of classes, including performing arts programs.

For Colleges and Universities

Full Radius Dance offers a range of options for on-campus performances, including:

  • Theatrical performances
  • Workshops on disability
  • Open movement classes
  • Masterclasses for performing arts and dance programs
  • Choreographic and technical residencies for dance programs
  • Event performances for student, affinity, and community groups

For all booking inquiries, contact us to find out more about availability, fees, and suitable programming.

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