Community Engagement

As a dance company, we create inclusive opportunities to gather and advocate for accessibility in the arts while redefining the boundaries of modern dance and demonstrating what an accessible future should look like.

As an art form, dance has historically been performed by what is considered as the ideal body; therefore, when a disabled body appears on stage, it’s a radical act. It challenges what dance has been and what it can be. It defies society’s conception of the dancing body. Our work is predicated on an understanding of disability as part of human diversity. We believe that all bodies, and the movement they create, have equal value and artistic relevance. We invite audiences to question how we think about our bodies
and of mainstream culture and beliefs.

Mission Statement

Centering arts accessibility in all communities.

Community Commitment Statement

We value ongoing DEAI (Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, Inclusion) practices and believe in the motto "Nothing About Us Without Us." We work collaboratively to remove barriers and connect the disability community to the arts in all of our virtual and in-person programming.

An innovative way to look at visual art through a disability-centric lens.

Dancers are activists and storytellers in their daily lives. Invite us to your community.

Want to learn more about physically integrated dance, but not sure where to begin?

Full Radius Dance welcomes you to  partner with us  and become our ally in making art accessible for all people - with and without disabilities.

Enjoy physically integrated dance through a cinematic lens of our films.