Retrospection: a look back at the history of Full Radius Dance through photographs. 

Please note that this page is currently under construction. Check back often for updates! We've got over thirty years of photos to share. 

Five dancers in sleeveless hooded tops and mid-length pants form a human puzzle with their bodies.
Andrew Ritfield, Laurel Lawson, Sarah McKenna, Humlao Evans, and Lindy Dannelly in "A Bee in Ink' (2015). Photo by Bubba Carr.
Humlao, a male of Pacific Island descent, archs back deeply. He holds the hand of Laurel, a light skinned woman. Laurel, sitting in her wheelchair, extends her right arm up.
Humlao Evans and Laurel Lawson in "Touch" (2013)
Dancers from the year 2012 create the shape of mountain with their bodies and wheelchairs. Some dancers are parallel to the floor; others are vertical
Full Radius Dance company members (2012). Photo by Neil Dent.
Samir, a muscular pale skinned man, executes a head stand with the wheels of his chair towards the ceiling. Beside him, Renee a fair skinned female, is caught frozen in the air in a jump with her knees bent and arms extended.
Samir Jusupovic and Renee Beneteau (2012). Photo by Neil Dent.
In a black and white photo, six dancers in a pose inspired by ancient rituals. Two of the dancers shield the flames of candles from the wind.
From front to back: Ardath Prendergast, Gary Shetler, Colette Fuirer, Douglas Scott, Kris Cangelosi, and Margo Gathright-Dietrich in "Transcendence" (year ?) Photo by Neil Dent.