Virtual Classes

The January 2023 virtual class in physically integrated modern dance technique is now available!

Our classes welcome all bodies.

Join us as we dive into the rigor of the Full Radius Dance technique. We discuss the intent of the movement, what muscle groups are used, and will readily demonstrate how it can be executed by different embodiments - seated on the floor, seated in a chair, or standing.

You'll access the class as a prerecorded video. The video is closed captioned through YouTube and we edit it for accuracy as soon as we are able.

These classes are offered on a sliding scale. Suggested registration is $10.00. Money a little tight right now? You can access the class free-of-charge.

An email with the link to the class will be sent with 48 hours of your registration.

Ashlee, a tall white womand with dark hair, is seated in a folding chair. Beside her sits Peter, a disabled mixed-race male in a manual wheelchair. The background is the red brick wall of the dance studio.

Ashlee Jo Ramsey-Borunov and Peter L. Trojic leading a virtual class.

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